What a week for our leafy greens!

28 Nov
by Francine

Saturday and Sunday (Nov 19 & 20) our greens were covered by a fluffy snow blanket.A photo of our snowy lettuce

By Monday the snow was melting and the sun was shining, but the temperatures were still in the 40s.

Then Thanksgiving arrived with lots of sunshine and warmth.

A photo of the lettuce bed(In this photo, you can see that some of the lettuce is wilted and brown, while the rest is full and green.)

There are lots of dry tree leaves that blew into the raised beds throughout our windy fall. As I was cutting lettuce, I discovered that as I pulled away the dry tree leaves, the lettuce was green and perfect. Perhaps the dry leaves acted like an insulation.  A photo of me cutting lettuce

Another theory as to why our leafy greens have held up so well after the snow is that they needed a drink, and they didn’t mind if it was a slushy snow drink. We had a very dry summer and fall…the snow, melting snow and warmer temperatures were probably just what the plants needed to give us pickers some gorgeous late November greens.

A photo of the leafy greens

A closeup of the lettuce

I picked another big bowlful! (And I was sure thankful to spend a lovely afternoon in the garden.)

A photo of the lettuce I picked

Since Thanksgiving a frigid wind has blown through, some freezing stuff has fallen from the sky, grey clouds have hung thick in the sky and this morning the sun rose without a cloud in the sky(…ah yes, life on the open prairie of MN).

A photo of the morning frost

A photo of the frosty greens

Every time I take scissors and a big bowl into the garden I think, this will definitely be the last time I pick lettuce, and yet time and time again I fill a bowl full.  I’m very glad that Dad didn’t dig up the garden at the first sign of chilly weather…we would have missed out an a wonderful autumn of leafy green salads.  It’s been such a treat to see what these leafy greens have done.

There’s still a bit of sunshine left in the day. I think I’ll head back to the garden and see what I find today.  Maybe today will be the last day for picking leafy greens…or maybe not. :)

2 Responses to “What a week for our leafy greens!”

  1. Susan December 4, 2011 at 11:18 am #

    Your lettuce looks so fresh and beautiful especially for Nov… when was it planted?

    • realocalcooking December 4, 2011 at 12:40 pm #

      I think Dad planted it in August or late July. It did so much better once the weather got cooler (in early September it was small and buggy). I bet if it didn’t snow we could still have it for awhile longer. It was fun to see how long it lasted…a gardening experiment.

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