The Lowbrow: Minneapolis, MN

6 Feb
by Francine

The Lowbrow: Minneapolis, MNA photo of the restaurant

The Lowbrow’s website states they’re, “committed to bringing scratch-made comfort food to your plate using locally farmed and sustainable ingredients.” 

After a light lunch at this cleverly decorated Minneapolis eatery, I can tell you that the Lowbrow is accomplishing its goal of serving comfort food using locally produced ingredients.

Review: (Real Local Cooking’s criteria)
Localness: 3

The menu lists the local producers and growers who provide the ingredients that are used in their dishes. While there’s not a garden out back, they are helping to support the farmersA photo of the menu of the upper Midwest.

I was pleased to see bison meat on the menu and to see Eichten’s Bison as one of their producers.

The menu doesn’t seem to change with any regularity, but there is a chalkboard that lists rotating specials.

Flavor: 3

When I visited in late November, I had a leafy green salad (which was listed on the chalkboard as the market special) with blue cheese and walnuts. I also had a cup of the Bison chili, which was hearty.  While I didn’t encounter any new flavors I did enjoy a filling lunch.A photo of what I ate

Pleasant Surprise: YES

I liked the big windows, which let in lots of natural light…something important to consider when trying to survive a MN winter.  The decor was colorful and bright, and I loved the collage of framed artwork hanging on one wall.

A photo of wall collageComfort+Coziness=The C Factor: 4.5

I enjoyed my late afternoon lunch in a nearly empty restaurant. There are lots of booths and a large bar, which would make a great meeting place for friends. (They also have a fun-sounding $25 Tuesday date night special, which includes drinks, burgers and dessert.)  The only drawback I noticed with the space is that since it’s very open it could easily become noisy, and I didn’t noticed any hidden corners to enjoy a snuggly meal with your date.

Overall rating: 10.5+

I would visit The Lowbrow again. It would be a fun place to meet friends for brunch.

Oh…and they have a colorful mural featuring forest creatures painted on one wall.  You can visit their facebook page for a sneak peek of said fun mural.

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3 Responses to “The Lowbrow: Minneapolis, MN”

  1. glutenvygirl February 6, 2012 at 10:00 am #

    This place sounds incredible! Love that they use local foods. Great review!

    • realocalcooking February 6, 2012 at 12:56 pm #

      Thanks! I could use a bowl of that chili again. :)

  2. Luke February 6, 2012 at 3:22 pm #

    You said you didn’t encounter any new flavors but that the food was still enjoyable. They seem to be successful with their mission: “committed to bringing scratch-made comfort food to your plate”. We’ll have to visit this place, it sounds intriguing!

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