The French Laundry

8 Feb
by Francine

As I wandered around Yountville, CA last week, I decided to stop by The French Laundry, the landmark restaurant in Thomas Keller’s restaurant empire. Just to let you know how well-known this restaurant is, Anthony Bourdain of TV and restaurant fame has remarked that it is “the best restaurant in the world, period.”A photo of the French Laundry

When I say, “stop by” I mean, take photos and marvel at their beautiful garden, in which they seem to grow every vegetable imaginable and maybe even raise chickens (I heard clucking in the distance).A photo of the French Laundry's garden

The downloadable menu on their website lists the price for a one person nine course tasting menu as $270(!!!). At this moment in my life, there are about a million things I would throw $270 at…a plane ticket to England, visa fees, new shoes, but a once-in-a-lifetime meal does not make the list. ;)A photo of white strawberries in the garden

But oh how delightful it would be to eat there, I’d love to find out what they do with white strawberries.

Their website also mentions that everyday they create two 9 course tasting menus, with no single ingredient used more than once.

It’s their goal that “their guests say, ‘I wish I had just one more bite of that.’  And then it’s gone, and then the next plate arrives and the same thing happens, but in a different way, a whole new flavor and feel and emotion.”

Have you ever splurged and eaten at an ultra-fancy restaurant? Have you ever had one bite of something so amazing that you wanted more, but it’s gone, never to be tasted again? I haven’t, but it sure does sound amazing…maybe even worth $270….le sigh, perhaps someday…;)

6 Responses to “The French Laundry”

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge February 8, 2012 at 10:49 am #

    Enjoyed the tour – looks like a great place to visit

    • realocalcooking February 8, 2012 at 12:50 pm #

      Thanks for stopping by Philosopher mouse…glad you enjoyed the tour! ;)

  2. lovefromitaly February 8, 2012 at 11:08 am #

    I love these restaurants… and you know the ingredients are fresh and genuine… That is expensive though! Here these places (agriturismi) are fairly reasonably priced, but I think there’re some state incentives for local food production.

    • realocalcooking February 8, 2012 at 12:55 pm #

      We hope to see more restaurants incorporate growing things in their own gardens. It would be wonderful if it was the norm to wander around a garden before sitting down for a meal.
      Your Italian adventures and cooking seem very lovely!

  3. Rachel February 8, 2012 at 11:19 am #

    Whoa, this place is intense! (I just went to their website). No, I have never spent anywhere near $270 on a single meal! It’s hard to imagine doing, but I also imagine it’d be a night not to forget. Now you have me scratching my head wondering about my ‘most expensive meal’…it’s nothing too crazy though.

  4. Julie February 10, 2012 at 7:05 am #

    French Laundry or Cyrus in Healdsburg are on my bucket list of places to eat. I’ve had a few meals that would qualify as those once in a lifetime dinners. Most recently at Aureole in Las Vegas. We enjoyed some of the best wines I’ve ever tasted.

    The wine country is one of my favorite trips, so many things to see and taste! Thanks for sharing with us.

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