Peach Trees in Minnesota?

20 Apr
by Deanne

A watercolor of a peachToday our bare root peach tree arrived in the mail.  It is too wet outside to plant them so we put them in some potting soil and their home is now our basement.  Now we wait for and dream of a warm and sunny day, perfect for peach tree planting.

I am sure by now you know we are a bit crazy…apple and pear trees planted alongside an old drive-in, joyfully harvesting lettuce with numb fingers and starting a FarmerChef special at a restaurant where most people happily order a plain hamburger.  But crazy is good because it often leads to wonderful surprises. (Who would have guessed it was possible for spinach to continue growing in a MN winter?)

But we have been wondering, do peach trees even grow in Minnesota!?  According to the University of Minnesota, our best chance may be to plant them in containers, place them in full sun during the growing season, move them indoors during the winter and carefully monitor their temperature.  Here goes nothing!

Do you have a peach tree or any peachy advice?

(Peach Fruit Watercolor Painting by Vickie Sue Cheek)

One Response to “Peach Trees in Minnesota?”

  1. Rachel@hammeringourwayhome April 20, 2012 at 11:44 am #

    I have no idea about these sort of things (per ususal) but I really want to try growing a lemon tree (potted). Good luck with the peaches, hope they turn out!

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