Purple Sprouting Carbonara

9 May
by Francine

After watching the carbonara recipe on GamerKitchen, I was inspired to make it in our English kitchen.

A photo of purple sprouting broccoliInstead of using asparagus, I decided to use purple sprouting broccoli. It’s a lovely variety grown in the UK that seems to be the vegetable that helps the folks here get through the late winter period…when root vegetables are on their way out and cabbage type of plants take a rest until the spring sunshine warms them up again. 

I’ve come across a number of posts written by Brits in which they express their love for this first crunchy vegetable of the year…

Purple sprouting broccoli is one of the vegetable wonders of later winter. There it stands whatever the weather throws at it, and come spring it sprouts forth endless florets that have all the sweetness of a cold winter and yet the tenderness of summer to come. Alys Fowler

Instead of using ground Italian sausage, which I was unable to find at our A photo of the sausages I usedlocal supermarket, I decided to use some wholesome British raised pork sausages.  Perhaps the packaging persuaded me, as I was wearing my own red wellies (rainboots) to do the shopping. 

I cut the sausages into bite-sized pieces and sautéed them in a bit of butter.

I used gluten free fusilli pasta that was made with rice flour, tomatoes and spinach.

I took the advice of the recipe maker to get creative with the ingredients….I used a different vegetable, meat and pasta, but otherwise I followed his recipe exactly. 

It was a lovely supper for two on a rainy evening.

A photo of the dish

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