Getting to Know our Neighbors: Part II

21 May

Recently we’ve discovered two restaurants in our area that are doing creative and healthy things with food.

The first one is Pisoma Kitchen, which opened a few months ago.  The owner Jill, is a wonderful chef and baker, who we met previously when we attended one of her cooking classes.  Her food is yummy…we went for breakfast and came back for lunch a few days later!She’s changing up her menu every month and getting creative with ingredients.  She recently feature maple bacon cookies on their facebook page.  The restaurant is in downtown Sleepy Eye, you can’t miss it since Highway 14 goes right through the town.

A photo of the tabletopThe second restaurant is the Amboy Cottage Cafe in Amboy, MN.  This little restaurant is adorable.  I was enchanted by the decor when we visited.  The menu is extensive and it seems they are trying to use natural and locally ingredients when possible.  Hopefully more people will discover this little cottage cafe, which is located on Highway 30, just a few miles off of Highway 169.

It’s wonderful to have neighbors who are doing creative things with food in an area that sometimes feels like a never-ending field of corn.  We love going out to eat so it’s fun to have some more options.  A photo of Amboy Cottage Cafe

Learn more about our other neighbors.  And check out River Rock Coffee if you pass throguh St. Peter, MN.

One Response to “Getting to Know our Neighbors: Part II”

  1. Julie May 23, 2012 at 7:12 pm #

    Fun to read about the other restaurants in the area. I am always asking Tim where the towns are, although I know where Sleepy Eye is!!

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