Garden Tour: Late May 2012

2 Jun
by Deanne

Last summer Steve built raised beds and began learning about growing vegetables and fruit using the method of square foot gardening.  In November 2011, we had one bed of spinach and three beds of leafy lettuce.

During the chilly Minnesota winter, he planned what he wanted to plant and thought about vegetables he’d be able to use in FarmerChef specials. In late March, he began preparing the beds by mixing fertilizer (courtesy of horses) into the soil and then he began planting seeds. Two weeks ago the last vegetables to be planted were some sweet pepper plants.

Here’s the garden now….A photo of the gardenIt’s looking lovely right now.  The full summer heat has yet to set in and the bugs haven’t latched onto every little leaf. :)A photo of the freshly cut lettuceA row of lettuce was cut to make this FarmerChef special.A photo of the rabbit proof spinachThis lovely spinach was used to dress up Egg Drop Soup….watch the video here. A photo of the spinachA photo of garlic and onionsA photo of baby asparagusIt will be a at least a year before we’re able to harvest asparagus, but when we do there’s much to look forward to.
A photo of sweet peas

A photo of the strawberries and tomatoes

We’re looking forward to sweet strawberries and home-made salsa with all those tomatoes!

How’s your garden looking?

( A BIG thanks to Luke for taking the photos.)


2 Responses to “Garden Tour: Late May 2012”

  1. Kathleen June 2, 2012 at 11:35 am #

    Gorgeous! Our tomato plants are looking fabulous this year as well, and I’m so excited for BLT sandwiches with homegrown bacon, tomatoes and cucumber. I guess it’s a BLC sandwich since the cucumbers are in season at the same time our tomatoes are :)

    • estariol217 June 3, 2012 at 4:59 pm #

      Cucumbers on BLTs?! Interesting, I’ll have try that or I might just invite myself over for some of your BLCs. :D

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