Village Greens Farm Shop

6 Jun
by FrancineA photo of the shop

We recently visited a farm shop in a nearby village.  ”A farm shop, what’s a farm shop ?” you may be asking. :)

A photo of the vegetablesMany farm shops dot the English countryside, but what each one offers varies.  Some have a tea room where you can have a quick bite to eat and some are on a farm site. 

But basically a farm shop is a small shop that offers locally raised produce, meat, eggs and plants.  They also have organic flour blends and specialty food items, like jams and juices.  A photo of local eggs

When I first heard ”farm shop” I imagined a shop that only sells things grown on their farm, but this isn’t really the case at the farm shops I’ve visited.  The ones I’ve been to even offer some fruits and vegetables from far away places.  But the main stock of farm shops is focused on locally produced food and goods.

I’d like to visit more farm shops because each one has cute and unique touches.

Village Greens has a lovely garden near its parking lot.  They also have a bee garden that educates visitors about different kinds of bees.  Village Greens also offers a selection of vegetables and plants that are ‘own grown‘.

Have you ever been to a farm shop?  English readers, am I accurately describing farm shops?  :)

A photo of the bee garden sign

A photo of the garden

2 Responses to “Village Greens Farm Shop”

  1. Rachel@hammeringourwayhome June 6, 2012 at 9:20 am #

    There’s some of these type of places around Bucks County that I love to go to. I think they only carry their own farms goods though. Do they leave the eggs unrefridgerated? I instantly thought of Mexico when I saw that!

    • realocalcooking June 6, 2012 at 9:30 am #

      Oh cool!
      Yes, all eggs are unrefrigerated even in the major supermarkets…in China it was the same way.
      Maybe it’s just us Americans who like chilled out eggs. ;)

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