Yikes! We Have Thrips!

18 Jun
by Deanne

Before my Saturday morning cup of tea this conversation happened between Steve and I.

Steve:  We have thrips.

Me:  That sounds bad, really bad.  What are thrips?

When we set out to grow a few crops in our raised bed gardens, we knew that there was a strong possibility of bugs and other pests finding a home among our plants. But Steve didn’t want to rely on chemicals for pest control. He wanted to take a more organic approach and see how the plants grew and what issues came up before attacking the vegetable patch.

Now we know that thrips like our bean plants.  Like all things in life, the good (fresh vegetables for our FarmerChef creations) sometimes comes with the bad (pests that want a bite of our crop too!) but luckily we’re able learn and A photo of thripsadapt as we go…figuring out a way to turn bad to good.

During this chapter of our journey, we are learning that tiny thrips survive by puncturing a plant and sucking up the contents.  These hungry guys are known by some other names, some of which are bit more poetic…corn lice, thunderbugs, thunderblights and my favorite, thunderflies—not to be confused with thunder thighs, a different kind of pest…caused by not enough exercise for my flabby legs. ;)

Our first plan of attack is to spray a homemade insecticidal soap. Steve sprayed it on this morning.  From everything we are reading, we’ll have to apply it more than once.  And so our battle with thrips commences.

Francine, beware, according to this BBC article they are found in the UK too.

Have you ever had thrips?  Do you have any tips for getting rid of them?

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