Putting Up Snow Peas and Green Beans

26 Jun
by Deanne

I am developing my FarmerChef skills by learning (or re-learning) how to process our green beans and snow peas.

When I was a kid, I used to help my mom blanch and freeze green beans, but given the amount of time that has passed,A photo of the beans and peas I don’t really remember how we went about the process.  So I turned to the internet for help.  I discovered that there are many opinions on the correct way to put up beans.

One minute in hot water or five?  Hmm…for me, I decided on 1.5 minutes. Why?   I like to eat my veggies less cooked with some crunch!

All the “experts” on the internet agreed that I should put the beans/peas in a ice water bath after I blanched them.  Done!

A few bags now sit in our freezer, ready for a time when we’re hungry and they aren’t growing on the vine.

How do you go about learning how to store real food, grown in your own garden or purchased at the farmer’s market?

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