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Snapshots from England: Strawberry Picking

2 Jul
by Francine

I’m pretty excited I was finally able to join everyone else in strawberry picking (and eating)!

Last weekend we were able to go strawberry picking…the strawberry season had a late start due to the especially soggy weather.

A photo of the field

A cloudy summer day for strawberry picking but no rain! :)

A photo of the strawberry plants

The plants were loaded with strawberries!

A handful of strawberries

Working hard to pick as many ripe berries as possible…and trying to stay warm! :)

A photo of me picking

These tiny flowers were growing amongst the rows.

A photo of some tiny flowers

And an update on the salad greens I’m growing on my balcony

A photo of the greensThey’re doing well…a bit overgrown and not very hearty, but we did manage to harvest enough lettuce to put on our tacos last weekend.

Hope you’re doing well and getting ready to celebrate the 4th (if you live in the USA) and enjoying your summer!

ps…In case you’d like to see, here are some more snapshots I’ve taken in England…late April edition and red, white and blue Jubilee edition.


Garden Tour: Late June 2012

2 Jul
by Deanne

It has already been a month since we shared a garden tour of the raised beds and other plants growing near our restaurant.  We have been using the vegetables we’ve grown for FarmerChef specials.

As you can see, the beans have survived their episode with thrips.

Photo of Beans

Summer heat has set in so we are done picking lettuce.  But we are getting ready to harvest our beets.

Photo of Beets

We’ve pulled a few carrots so far.

Photo of Carrots

The onions are showing their shoulders.  Is this a sign they can be harvested?

Photo of Onions

A cute little pepper still on the vine.

A photo of a pepper on the vine

A few weeks ago we wondered about our tomatoes.  The leaves were dry and looked unhealthy.  Our local master gardener, Mike Tomschin, said the only thing wrong with them is they are Roma tomatoes.  He said this with a smile and went on to explain that Roma tomatoes that grow in our area don’t handle the fluctuation in temperature well.  His prediction that they would be fine once the warm summer nights hit, has proved to be correct.  Thanks Mike!

Photo of Romas Growing on the Vine

How’s your garden looking?

( Another BIG thanks to Luke for taking the photos.)