Garden Tour: Late July part II

13 Aug
Photo of the grapevineby Francine

Part of this blogging adventure is about keeping in touch since I’m in England, and it’s great fun to share this blogging project.  Last week I was so excited to see the photos of the Solar’s garden in MN that I pushed publish to share it with all the virtual world, only to find out my mom was left wondering…how did it go live…I was going to add more photos??

Opps.  That was me.  We can blame it on transatlantic mis-communication and the fact that I’m working, job searching and trying to stay on top of household duties, which include wholesome home cooked meals.  (I don’t know how moms do it!!!  Much respect mommies of the world!)

Anyway, here’s the rest of the garden tour…live from MN!

See what the garden looked like in May and June.  It’s amazing to see all the growth!

The grapevines are starting to crawl up the pole of the patio!

They didn’t expect to see any berries this year so were very excited to discover raspberries. Photo of rasberries

The roma tomatoes are thriving.  Who knew tomatoes could be so shiny!?

photo of a tomato

How’s your garden looking this August?

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