The Silk Road: Missoula, Montanta, USA

4 Nov
by Deanne

The Silk Road Restaurant—Missoula, MT

While we were on the road  in September, we tried to adhere to eating in a healthful manner.  We learned that it can be challenging when you are away from your garden or farmers market to eat whole, mostly plant based foods.  But we did find a restaurant worth sharing in our Real Local Cooking Restaurant ReviewsThe Silk Road is located on Higgins Avenue in Missoula, Montana and was a pure delight.  Once you own a restaurant, you are very hard to please so it means a lot when I say this place was wonderful.Photo of Spicy Eggplant at Silk Road

Review: (Real Local Cooking’s criteria)
Localness: 3

Photo of Gazpacho Verde at Silk Road

Yes, they do source many of their ingredients locally.  They also have a seasonal menu, but that is not what makes them great. Read on and look at the pictures and you will see what makes this tapas style restaurant worthy of  our praise.

Flavour: 5

Each and every little dish was a treat. We truly did crave many of the dishes the next day and even now looking at the pictures our taste buds get excited.  We really, really liked the Spicy Garlic Eggplant.  We have never found an eggplant dish we enjoyed this much.Photo of Skewered Beef

Pleasant Surprise: Yes

For our family, when we find a place that earns a rating of 5 on flavour, it is a pleasant surprise!  It is something we hope for every time we painstakingly research a restaurant and walk through their door.  We leave most restaurants, as you can see by our other reviews, unimpressed in the flavour catagory.

Comfort+Coziness = The C factor: 5

The waiter was really outgoing which set the tone for a fun evening.  The table had maps and postcards under glass and matched the eclectic nature of the menu.  We were very comfortable and found ourselves chatting with the ladies at the next table while we ate bites of our little plates.

Photo of Grilled Summer Squash at Silk Road

Overall Rating: 13+

One interesting aspect of The Silk Road is that they do sell spice combinations used in their dishes.  A  person could purchase them and then experiment in their own kitchen.  We have referred our cooking class students to this service provided by The Silk Road.  So even if you can’t visit the restaurant and you like to cook, we do recommend looking over their seasonal menu and selecting a spice blend to try a similar dish at home.

Photo of Poached Shrimp

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