The Magic of Yorkshire and a Proper Pot of Tea

6 Dec
by Deanne

Photo of Bridge

It’s as if a magic wand has been cast over the surrounding countryside to make it so beautiful. Rolling hills, crystal-clear rivers, butterflies taking flight from meadows, fiery sunsets over the moors and quaint, sleepy villages mesmerise outdoor lovers, ramblers and artists alike.

This quote, pulled from a travel article, speaks to the magical transformation we felt as we left the Lake District and drove across Yorkshire Dales Park before the early winter sunset.  The Lake District fells were wild and untamed and what we saw unfolding before our eyes was sweeping and panoramic.  Both are beautiful in their unique ways and make a person want to get outdoors even in the cold month of November and then huddle by the fire with a cup of tea at the end of the day. Photo of Yorkshire Dales

After the sun went down we found our way to a sweet bed and breakfast and had some Yorkshire Tea in front of a roaring fire made with coal.  We also had a tea lesson and learned that in Yorkshire it is proper to have a pot of tea with another pot for hot water if the tea is too strong. Milk of course is necessary.

In the morning we checked out the livestock in the barn and the other surroundings around Mt. Pleasant Farm near Richmond.

Photo of Cattle at Mount Pleasant

To summarize this aspect of our trip, we drove through the Yorkshire Dales, stayed in Vale of York, and got a tiny peek of the Yorkshire Moors Park with a visit to the market town of Helmsley.

Photo of Helmsley

 Another BIG THANKS to Luke Bryce for all the pictures

One Response to “The Magic of Yorkshire and a Proper Pot of Tea”

  1. Corrine December 6, 2012 at 11:54 pm #

    Love the story and the pictures! Thanks for sharing.

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