A Few Simple Ingredients: Baked Hot Wraps

25 Jun

2013-05-29 15.11.11By Deanne

What do you get when you mix flour, add a little yeast, water, oil, and give the ingredients some time to develop flavor?

Does it sound like we are making pizza? Yes, but instead of adding marinara sauce and Italian cheese and toppings, we mix it up.  We add the toppings that go on a traditional club sandwich and wrap it all up so you can eat it like a sandwich.

Photo of simple ingredients

The club wrap is one of nineteen combinations that we make at our restaurant.  These wrap/sandwiches are unique because they are made with a yeasted dough rather than a pre-made tortilla .  This gives the wrap a fresh baked bread flavor and could be the reason people enjoy them so much.  These wraps are like a sandwich that bakes in its own bread.

Photo of making wrap doughPhoto of fresh dough

Most people have made pizza at home, why not make a baked hot wrap at home?  We’d love to see pictures if anyone has made a baked hot wrap at home.

Photo credits:  Amanda Petersen Photography

Photo of club wrap

One Response to “A Few Simple Ingredients: Baked Hot Wraps”

  1. trixfred30 June 25, 2013 at 2:43 pm #

    The one thing I know the kids will eat are wraps (generally they have to be stuffed with tuna and cheese with mayo)

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