Mother, dreamer of faraway places and advocate for Real Food.

For the past few A photo of Deanne years, I’ve been greeting customers at our restaurant in Southwestern Minnesota.  Ten years ago when we were living in the Philadelphia suburbs, and I was building a business as a leadership coach, I wouldn’t have imagined living that life.

Owning a small business with my husband Steve, turned out to be life changing.  Before we served food to customers everyday, I didn’t give food and cooking much thought.  

In late August 2012 we decided to close our restaurant and take a stand for growing, eating, and cooking with real food, the stuff that is grown on a farm and cooked in a kitchen not a food laboratory.

We changed the name to Solar’s Real Food and opened up again for the summer in April 2013.   We learned that what a person eats is very personal and we felt honored offer options that can meet various diet concerns.  Along the way a new opportunity came to Steve and we decided to put our space for sale and move to Iowa.  Now we are looking for ways to bring our passion for real food to a new community.   Stay tuned to see what we cook up.  :)

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