Daughter, Sister, world traveller and colorful apron wearer.

After graduating from university in 2006, I moved to Finland to work as an au pair.  A year and a half later,  I was teaching English as a Second Language to adult  refugees in St. Paul, MN and serving up lattes as a morning barista.  In September 2011, I returned to the USA after two years of teaching English to adorably hyper kids in China.Photos of Francine

In between taking care of kids and teaching, I’ve travelled, met amazing friends, eaten lots of food, taken too many photos, taught myself to cook, fallen in love and discovered I have a soft spot for the cuteness of Hello Kitty.

After spending six months working with my family in Minnesota (the family = mom, dad, brother and grandparents), drinking lots of coffee and trying out new recipes, I packed up my cute aprons and moved to England from where I now write about the food I find in my new home.

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