Restaurant Reviews

We love eating out and we’re interested in discovering restaurants that are using seasonal ingredients and locally sourced food.

Are these restaurants just using trendy locavore language or do they really serve food made with locally sourced ingredients?  If they do, is there something special about their service,presentation, design or the flavor of their food?  Join us on our eating adventures and let us know of places we should consider visitingA photo of lettuce

Birchwood Cafe:  Minneapolis, MN  11+
C CASA: Napa, CA  11+
Common Roots Cafe:  Minneapolis, MN  8
Desert Roots Kitchen:  Tempe, AZ  14+
Fresh Market and Cafe:  West Des Moines, IA  13.5+
Honest Abe’s:  Lincoln, NE 10+
Kitchen Table:  Omaha, NE  14+
Moose & Sadies:  Minneapolis, MN  11+
Mustards Grill:  Yountville, CA  14+
River Rock Coffee: St. Peter, MN  13+
Saveurs de Coree: A Fine Korean BBQ in Beijing, China  13+
The Lowbrow: Minneapolis, MN  10.5+
The Root – A Local Cafe:Little Rock, AK  13.5+
the Root Note:La Crosse, WI  10.5+
The Silk Road: Missoula, MT  13.5+
Ubuntu:  Napa, CA  14+
Verdant Tea:  Minneapolis, MN  12.5+
Wise Acre Eatery:  Minneapolis, MN  12.5+
Wolf Peach: Milwaukee, WI 14+
Zzest:  Rochester, MN  8+

We are still looking for the perfect 15+ locally sourced restaurant.   If you are a blogger with good photography skills and want to help us grow our list of reviews, contact us.

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