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Snapshots from England: Breakfast Edition

10 Jul
by Francine

When I was in elementary school, we lived on an Iowa farm (it was a research farm run by Iowa State so it was a big farm with lots and lots of cows). 

In front of our house there was a large feed lot that was often full of cattle.  In the fall when the calves were weened it was very noisy!  BUT the best part of having cows in your front yard…cow friends. 

I would go near the fence and hang out with some of the cows, stroking their soft noses and watching them munch on silage.  Most of the cows were black and dark brown, but there was one that was a pale brown and had a dark nose. It was my favorite.

Around that same time I came upon a framed print of a Jersey cow and I was super excited. “Yes! This is my favorite kind of cow,” I remember proclaiming. Since there weren’t any Jersey or dairy cows on our farm (ours were beef cattle), I was left to admire the ones that were fawn colored and dream of pretty Jersey cow friends.  (The print I discovered as a cow-loving child looked similar to this.)A photo of Jersey milkWell you can imagine my delight when I arrived in England and discovered that you can buy the milk of Jersey cows from the supermarket!  (You can also buy Channel Island milk which is a blend of Jersey and Guernsey milk.) We recently got some and discovered that it makes the best lattes!  It’s 5% fat so it’s extra creamy.  And of course, I don’t mind seeing my lovely Jersey cow friend on the label. :)

On Sunday morning we also had some fresh eggs from Sondes Place Farm.  The eggs are from different breeds of chickens, which is why contents of the egg carton resemble a rainbow and the yolks were deliciously golden.A photo of the eggs

We also made some bacon.  The brand I prefer to buy from the supermarket is called Spoilt Pig.

A photo of the yolks

Another breakfast treat was some leftover treacle tart, I’d gotten Saturday afternoon at this cafe

“What is treacle tart?” you might ask (I asked the same thing).  The answer is sweet, slightly lemony with just a touch of shortbread crust.

A photo of our breakfastIt’s fun to have a leisurely breakfast on the weekend.  Do you have any weekend breakfast traditions?

Also, do you want to see the absolute cutest little lamb?  I saw this little guy when I was looking up the farm from where our eggs came from.  He has one black leg and pink-est ears ever!  Can I get an awwww….?!

PS. I feel the need to disclose my general ignorance about cattle.  I don’t know much about them except that I enjoyed having them around as a child.  If you are cattle farmer and reading this post, I apologise for my probably improper use of the words ‘cows’ and ‘cattle,’ I know there’s a difference, but that’s all I know. ;)


A Visit to Moonstone Farm

21 Jun
by Deanne

A few years before we owned a restaurant, I facilitated a business meeting at a coffee shop called Java River in Montevideo, MN. After the meeting, the client encouraged me to come downstairs and enjoy lunch. I learned that the coffee shop served locally raised grass fed beef from a farm called Moonstone.

I’m not sure why that random fact stuck in my mind, but perhaps it’s because Steve‘s always been interested in feeding cattle on grass because during his previous career as a cattle buyer he’d grown a little uncomfortable with the way the cattle business has boomed and grown.

Recently I remembered Moonstone and when I looked up the farm I discovered that they have a “farm stay” element to their business, which is modeled after the owners’ experience with agritourism in Europe.

The time seemed right for us to go and learn more about their operation. We learned that they have interns, something we’d like to consider incorporating into our growing and evolving restaurant operation.

A photo of our breakfastOur accommodation was a very sweet one room cottage that has been re-purposed from its former life as a brooder house. Our breakfast was a great display of their farm’s abundance. We had elderberries on our melons, farm fresh eggs, and pear juice from last year’s harvest.

After breakfast we took a walk through the woods with one of the owners, Audrey, who is a student and teacher of holistic management and permaculture design.  She showed us the progress they are making in transforming a patch of forest on their land to an edible and sustainable forest.

Before we left we stopped in their farm store and picked up some items that will soon be showing up in our FarmerChef recipes.

Have you ever stayed at a farm for a short get away or vacation?