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Honest Abe’s: Lincoln, NE

18 Nov
by Deanne

Honest Abe’s:  Lincoln, NE

Yet another restaurant review!  The third one in a row.  First was Omaha, then Minneapolis, and now Lincoln.  The drill is the same, I look online for restaurants that would be worth reviewing when I am traveling.  

Driving through Lincoln the other day, I found Honest Abe’s which is part of the Ground Up Restaurant group.  I selected Honest Abe’s because on their website they described it using words like “good food” and “roots.” I interpreted that to mean locally sourced food.

Photo of Honest AbesReview: (Real Local Cooking’s criteria)

Localness: 2

As far as I could tell from visiting, the food was honestly good tasting,  but perhaps not honestly sourced from people who are working outside the conventional food service sources. When I looked again,  I could not find any mention on the website or in the restaurant of a specific farm or of grass-fed beef.  This is not really a rant but a statement of reality .  The purpose of our restaurant reviews is to call attention to trendy local lingo and see what is really going on at various restaurant we seek out because of their language.

Flavour: 4

We ordered two fairly plain burgers with fries.  There are a lot of options and a flavor of the week.  We were a bit boring in our choice of the Greatest Burger Ever  (a bacon cheese burger) and The United States of America burger  (a traditional burger ).  Both burgers had high quality ingredients like red onions and applewood smoked bacon, and fresh romaine lettuce.   The fries were too salty but we ate them up like this was the last time we’d ever eat fries or burgers.  Photo of Honest Abe burger

Pleasant Surprise: Yes

The place was busy at 5:10 on a Wednesday evening.  We had to wait a bit for a table and then eventually shared a long table with another group of six people. That is a nice surprise because when I visit a busy place, I build anticipation that the food will be good once it arrives.

Comfort+Coziness = The C factor: 4

The person at the counter was friendly and helpful, the decor is cozy and fun. I liked the black chalkboard walls, mixed with white walls and the hint of Lincoln logs in the rough wooded accents. For the most part I enjoy small spaces and this place was small. One drawback, I didn’t see any rest rooms.

Overall Rating: 10+

I do recommend Honest Abe’s as a destination if you are veering off the road of the standard chain road food. For those that are choosing to eat vegetarian, according to the menu they do let you to “sub a vegan patty for free.”    Located in a strip mall about 10 miles from Interstate 80 it is a worthy side trip for those driving through or those visiting Lincoln. In the parking lot is a cute little hut that sells baked items from the same restaurant group.  It is playfully called Sasquatch.  We didn’t try any of their items but I liked the fact that one item comes in its own little jar.   It is called “cake in jar” and comes in “vampire velvet” or “blackout” flavors.

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