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Learning from Leon

30 Apr
by Deanne

Prior to our trip to the UK last November, I briefly connected with The  Intolerant Gourmet, author and blogger, Pippa Kendrick  via twitter.Photo of Leon Front End

She offered suggestions on several places in London that work well for people with food allergies or food intolerance.  One particular restaurant called Leon looked interesting to us because they do quick service food in a way that incorporates good ingredients and tasty food. That caught our attention because we were hoping to adapt  the menu of our new restaurant to better meet the needs of people on a variety of diets.

Steve and Luke visited the Regent Street location in London during the very busy lunch hour. Here are some pictures of the food they ordered:

Photo of Grilled Meatballs on a Seasonal Salad

The food was fresh and flavorful and the service was quick.

Back in our little restaurant we have added our own version of the rice box. We call it the Flavor of the Day Rice Plate.  The response has been surprisingly good.  Whenever I take a rice plate out to the dining room heads turn and people ask to know more about the dish.

Photo of Garlic Chicken Rice Box



30 Apr
by Francine

Hello from England!  If you’d like to see, here are some photos I’ve taken during my wanderings the past few weeks.

A photo of some flowers

A photo of a churchyard

A photo of the sunset at the seaside

A photo of meat pie

A photo of sheep

A photo of a London Park

A photo of London

A photo of lanterns along the Thames

A photo of purple sprouting broccoli

A photo of Bodiam Castle

A photo of the castle's entarance

A photo from the castle tower

A photo of an owl

A photo of a scone

A photo of a tea pot

A photo of a book about Kent

Photos 1&2 Wandering around Petworth / Photo 3 Taken along the road from Bognor Regis to Littlehampton / Photo 4 This pie reminded me of this pie / Photo 5 Sheep are a common sight as you drive along / Photos 6-8 A day out in London / Photo 9 Cheerful new placemats and some British broccoli (stay tuned to find out how I used it) / Photos 10-13 Visiting Bodiam Castle / Photos 14-16 Nothing brightens up a very rainy day like afternoon tea! Tea at the Oast in Kent