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Vietnamese BBQ Pork with A Rice Noodle Salad

5 Jul
by Deanne

Francine and I are thankful that the cooking chores in our family are shared among the men in our clan.  Both of our husbands are creative and talented in the kitchen. We also have Luke, our talented blog photographer and son/brother.  He is an amazing chef at the family restaurant and  always coming up with super flavorful dishes.  After we eat what he cooks, we crave that dish the entire next day.

We are excited to share the latest episode from his online cooking show.  Luke explains how easy it is to create great, restaurant-quality  Vietnamese BBQ Pork with A Rice Noodle Salad. (This dish is SO good you guys!!) 

Here’s how he explains the dish…

“In this episode of GamerKitchen, we are making Bun thit nuong, which is rice vermicelli mixed with fresh vegetables and topped with barbecued pork served with a lime dipping sauce (nuoc cham). It fits in well because grilling season is upon us and this dish makes a perfect recipe to share with friends for an afternoon barbecue or get together.”

Is your mouth watering yet?


Real Men Can Cook

12 Apr
by Deanne

Our son/brother, Luke, has an online cooking show, which is aimed at helping busy young professionals learn some cooking techniques.  It’s fast paced, spoken in the language of (video) gamers and delivers knock out recipes.

His show is now being featured on Primer, an online magazine for young men in their twenties.  Check out the magazine and his premier post

It’s exciting that there’s an interest among young men to learn more about home cooking.  We can’t wait to see what’s next for him and for all the men out there who are finding their way around their home kitchens.